Monday, February 27, 2012

My First Real Race-Cornbelt Running Club Chili Chase 2-26-2012

This is my first post as a blogger!  I hope you learn from my mistakes and I can learn from yours!

I was talking to my husband about what to do next with my running since I am coming to the end of a 12 week running program called FAST Fun and Smart Training.  He said why don't you do a blog since you like to read them so much!  I had thought about it a few times but never thought I would actually do one!  Then I ran my first real race and decided I needed to share all of my mistakes!  If anything it will be good for me to put it in writing so to speak!

Me at my first real race(pre-race) in the Quad Cities on 2-26-2012

My friends Denise and Dustin asked me to join them for this race!

The night before my first race, I packed all of my running stuff that I own since I don't own that much!  Then I drove from my hometown to Davenport IA to stay at the Ramada Inn for a pre-race sleepover!  Our race started the next day at 1pm on Sunday, Feb 26, 2012.  I went to bed at a decent time, got a good nights sleep.  Woke up not too early, we got ready in our running attire and went for a tasty breakfast!  I had an omelet, hash browns, toast and coffee!  Walked around Wal-Mart to kill sometime and then headed to the race venue to check in, pick up packets, get chips and do a 1 mile warm up.  The race was a 4 mile race that was pretty flat except a few small hills(according to the info on the registration form)! 

Where it all went wrong:

Mistake #1-Ate to big of a breakfast so I was to full to eat my protein bar pre-race!

Mistake #2-Dressed way to warm!  The weather channel said high of low 50's but 20-30 mph winds with gusts up to 40mph!  Wore a base layer, wind breaker, used a Bondiband to cover my ears, wore warm socks and long running pants!  To our surprise it was about 53-55 degrees with very little wind!  Did my warm up mile and was sweating to death!  I was afraid to take a layer off thinking I would get to cold if the wind was blowing to hard across the open parts of the trail!  Well, I was wrong, no wind across trail meaning more sweat!

Mistake #3-Put shoes on around 8am and ran at 1pm, without retying my shoes!  BIG MISTAKE!  If you haven't ever done this please don't!  Will explain later!

Mistake #4-Didn't get post-race photo's and didn't get the Chili Bowl Bling at end of race!

Mistake#5-Didn't accomplish all of my goals!

Because I ate to big of a breakfast I was to full to eat my protein bar pre-race so I felt like energy level was way to low! I felt like POOP! (My 16 yr old thought I should use the word POOP in my first blog! So I apologize but the little things we do to make our kids happy)  I got overheated and didn't feel good during/after race and wanted to just change clothes and forgot to take a post race photo!  The biggest mistake I made was putting shoes on to early.  When I hit mile marker 2, my toes hurt sooooo bad that I thought about calling Denise to ask her to pick me up when she was done!  It felt like someone was breaking my toes off, because my toes kept hitting the ends of my shoes!  I stopped and retied my shoes! Toes felt better but it took so much out of me that I walked most of the race!  The registration form said that the hills were small!  Not so much so, either that or because of my shoe issues it felt like each hill was 2 miles long!  I will never make that mistake again!  I will keep my feet cool and shoes off from now on pre-race!  My race time was 1:12:53, 18:13 pace, finished #125 out of #126(my race bib said I was a walker but since all walkers were only allowed to walk I switched to be a  runner)!  The #126 racer was like 84 years old and I am 39! LOL!  I am also considered morbidly obese and had an extremely sedentary lifestyle pre-running so my pace is usually around 17-17:30!  I wasn't disappointed in my race time as my last 4 mile training run was about 1:10:00.  I have come to terms with the fact that my speed is slower than most and I am okay with that as long as I steadily improve and am losing weight at the same time!  What disappointed me was that I didn't accomplish all of my goals!  My goals were to finish race, run entire race(no matter what pace) and enjoy the race/scenery!  Only goal accomplished was finish the race and hindsight that is the most important! I didn't quit when I wanted to!  So next year if schedule allows I will have to try to complete my other two goals of running entire race and enjoy it!  Although I didn't get my Chili Bowl the first 300 to register got cool running socks! (see pic below)

Cornbelt Running Club Socks even had the initials CBRC on the socks! So cool!

After a few tears and much needed support from my hubby I am happy with what I have accomplished and can't wait to improve on it!  I even ran 3 miles with hubby today(day after race) without much trouble!  Go figure!  Thanks for reading my first post and hope I have many more to come!

Well, again my 16 year old wants to have a little input on my blog! She thinks I need to have a sign off on my posts, so if I remember I will post the sign off she gave me!  Just remember it is the thoughts of a crazy 16 year old! LOL

"I am fancy like Dan. Fancy Dan!"


  1. Hi, Mindy--just found your blog via Runner ... Maybe. I'm also a slow runner, relatively new runner, and just started blogging in December, so we have a good deal in common. Glad to have found you.

    1. Thanks, I am def slow but glad i am doing this! I followed you and can't wait to read your blog!