Sunday, March 11, 2012

Changing things up!

Running has been difficult since my 6 mile run.  But, as always, when I have a difficult run(s) I learn a lesson or two.

On Wed, Aaron and I went to the gym for a 1 hour yoga class.  I didn't make him take it, I offered for him to go with me.  He said, "yes I will go but yoga is not a workout!"  We had a different instructor than usual  and let me just say she gave us a work out!  A lot more than I am used to.  When we got done he said "I was wrong, it was a work out!"  I don't hear those words, "I was wrong" very often but I just smiled and said "told ya so!"  Probably not the nice thing to say but wasn't really coming up with anything nice at that moment!  Then on the schedule, I had a 4 mile run planned for after yoga.  My first time to run since the 6 miles!  My legs wear like lead balloons!  I am sure it was part yoga and part my legs weren't back to normal after my long distance run.  Lesson learned, DO NOT TAKE YOGA BEFORE A RUN!  At least for me.  I knew I wanted to do both on Wed but I also knew I couldn't fit the 4 miles in before yoga!  Big mistake.  I did 2.5 miles on the treadmill and then I crashed.  I had new shoes and they hurt the side of my foot so I only wore those for .6 miles and switched into my old ones to finish.  I went to get Aaron to see if he would count my laps on the track.  I was hoping he wouldn't want to and I would get out of the rest of my 4 miles.  No such luck.  He counted the first 15 laps=1 mile, then he walked/ran my 1/2 mile(8 laps) cool down with me.  In the end I was glad he counted for me and I got all 4 miles done.  That evening a friend of mine asked me to do a Aqua Zumba class again so I decided to do a 2 a day workout! 2nd one for the week.  I read on another blog that doing 2 workouts a day, one in the morning and one later in the day, helps give your body a boost for weight loss!  Not sure if it is true but I figure it is worth a try.

On Friday I had cross training planned and on Saturday I had 4 mile run planned.  Due to time issues with work I had to switch things up.  So I did 2.5 miles running Friday.  Thursday I exchanged running shoes for another pair and tried the new, new ones on Friday and got 1 mile in.  They didn't hurt but I didn't want to over do it with new shoes.  I want to break them in slowly.  I did 1/2 mile warmup on treadmill and decided to do the last 2 on the track.  I told my youngest, Shelby, that I was going to finish my last 1.5 miles at the high school track on Sat., so Aaron and Shelby joined me.  My oldest, Sarah, had soccer practice on the field behind the track.  It was like we all kind of worked out together.  Until Shelby's throat started to bug her from the windy coolness.  She has a cold, but at least she tried!  One of my goals with the F.A.S.T. program was to involve the family and we are accomplishing that! Yeah! 

Yeah Hi-Score MOM!  Ooops, Shelby was sitting and texting!
Shelby beat me, this is the usual score!  Shelby a lot, Mom a little!

Sunday was cross training but due to something that came up I couldn't get to the gym before they closed, so Shelby and I did 45 minutes of Wii Just Dance that evening and let me just say that is a workout!  I got high score and set a record on one of the songs, not sure if it counts since Shelby was sitting and texting during half the song!  LOL!

My sister, brother and I leave for Texas on Thursday to visit our parents!  Not a lot planned for the workouts this week except Aqua Zumba Monday evening and maybe fit one run in before I leave.  Plan on doing some running with the siblings while we are in Texas!  Can't wait.  Also tried on last years capri's and the cute ones that I really like are no longer too tight to wear and they fit great!  Woo Hoo!


  1. Even though you said it was a difficult week you still accomplished quite a lot! Great job. What a great feeling to fit comfortably in your capris! You're looking good!

  2. Nice job! I used to tell my boyfriend how much of a workout Pilates was and he always seemed skeptical-so one day I took him with me. He was blown away by what a workout it was! The awesome part is that we started incorporating Pilates 2x/week into our marathon training plans and it became something we got to do together.

  3. I haven't tried pilates yet but would love to! After I get back from a mini vacation I want to try a new class each week to see what I like. I can't wait for us to workout more together! Thanks for commenting!