Thursday, March 1, 2012

First 5K Race/End of FAST Winter

After I finished a Couch 2 5K program at the end of Nov 2011, I decided to repeat the program to improve my pace time!  A friend of mine mentioned a program called FAST-Fun and Smart Training that would be starting it's Winter 2011 session mid December.  She asked me to go to the meeting at the beginning of December 2011 to check it out!  I thought sure why not, I won't be doing the program but a girls night out in any form sounds good!  We went to the info meeting at Running Central in Peoria Heights IL and listened to what they had to say.  Unfortunately my friend and the coaches decided the program wouldn't be right for her right now due to an injury she had, so she was bummed!  As I listened to what they had to say, I thought wow this sounds like a great program, for someone else that is!  I started to get a sick feeling in my stomach and decided that why not write out my check for the $100 that covers the 12 week program!  If I didn't like it after the first week then I just wouldn't show up again!
Our Local Running Store
I decided that next week to go into RC(Running Central) to try on some winter running clothes because what I had at home was not going to work!  I bought some and thought, well I might have to stick it out at least a few weeks since I just spent too much moo-la on this running gear!  The program started on Dec 14, 2011 and ended on Feb 29, 2011!  I only missed one week due to being sick(made up workout 2 days later and PR'd my mile) and left early the next week cause I still didn't feel good(made up workout on treadmill next day)!  Needless to say, I got my monies worth out of those winter clothes and only missed      1 1/2 times out of 12!  FAST is such an amazing program!  It is an individualized running program in a group setting!  And it truly is!  The coaches, Brad Henz and Maggie Butterfield, are amazing coaches!  They send you an email each month with 4 weeks worth of workouts tailored to your individual need!  Then we met each Wednesday for 12 weeks and received 1-2 hours of training, from speed work to hill work!  Prior to me joining FAST, I knew nothing about running lingo!  Know I know what fartlek's are and I am not embarrassed to talk about them! LOL!  At the beginning of the season they had us fill out a list of goals, long term and short term.  My first goal was: Run a 5K by spring(preferably March) at about a 15:00 pace.  (Not sure which race)!  Well I did it on 2-29-2012!  I ran my first 5K race with the FAST running group at our last training of the season!  I did not finish it at a 15:00 pace but I did run the entire race, finished at 50:50:22 total time/16:14:33 pace and completed it before March 2012! Woot Woot!  About 5-6 weeks into the season I knew that the 15:00 pace was probably not attainable by the end of FAST so I had decided that I didn't care what my time was as long as I finished and ran an entire 5K(actual Garmin distance 3.13 miles)!  And I did it thanks to the FAST Coaches and all of the other FASTies that encouraged me each and every week!  Another goal was: Change my mind set of what I can't do to WOW! I did this...  After I finished that race that is exactly how I felt! Yippee!  Especially since I had such a rough 4 mile race the Sunday before!  I learned a lot about myself at the race on Sunday that helped with the 5K!
Best running program ever!

Another group that has helped encourage me and inspire me is The Sole Sisters!  Check out the website!  I wish every town had a group of women like this to help inspire, encourage and join you in your running journey! 

Peoria Sole Sisters Running Group
 We had team and individual photos taken at our last FAST Training but I don't have those yet!  I do have a few pics though!  One of me after finishing my first 5K Race.  And one my hubby took of me wearing my FAST Tech shirt!  Someone might say that this 5K wasn't an official 5K cause we didn't pay for it, get a shirt and sign up ahead of time!  I did pay my $100(worth every penny) and I do have a FAST Tech shirt I will proudly wear!
Post-race 1st 5K-Feb 29, 2012
FAST Tech shirt

Now I have some races to plan!

"I am fancy like Dan. Fancy Dan!"

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