Sunday, March 4, 2012

Great day to Run 6 mile for the first time!

Me at the beginning of our run!
Aaron at the beginning of our run!

I set my alarm so I could get up and eat a good runners breakfast early enough so I didn't have any problems like I had last Sunday with eating to much!  I had a bagel with cream cheese, a banana and coffee.  Then I started checking Facebook and received a message from a friend saying Happy Anniversary!  It is mine and my husbands 17th wedding anniversary today!  I didn't forget just didn't think about today being it!(Yes I forgot)  My husband, Aaron, never does and I always do!  Not a reflection on our marriage, just a reflection on my lack of memory!  We had a 6 mile run planned for me and a whatever he felt comfortable with run planned for him!  He just started running with me a week ago so whatever he does is fine with me!  Before today the furthest I had ran was 5.57 miles.  Today a 6mile run 6 minutes/walk 4 minutes run was planned.  We went to my favorite place to run.  The River Trail from Morton to East Peoria Il.  We actually started a few miles down the road from the entrance in Morton and went to the CVS in East Peoria, which is about 4.89 miles.  Since it wasn't the 6 miles I needed, I back tracked and made sure I got the 6 miles in.  Aaron ran 1.5 miles with me and then he ran back 1.5 miles to the car.  Then he drove down to the bottom of the trail and picked me up when I was done.  Such a good hubby!  I actually ran the equivalent of a 10K today, 6.21 miles total!!!!  My times/splits are as follows:
Mile 1-17:00
Mile 2-17:02
Mile 3-16:41
Mile 4-16:43
                                                              Mile 5-18:27-Had to wait at a stop light for over a minute!
Mile 6-16:07
                     .21 Mile Cool Down-5:00
                                      Total Time=1:47:04=17:14:46 pace

Me after finishing my 6 miles!
Aaron at his turn around!

Aaron and I after his 3 miles and my 6miles
Pace was slower than my 5K on Wed by 1 minute per mile but I am okay with that cause it was double the distance and run/walk instead of running the entire distance.  I felt so good when I was done(except toes hurting a little) that I just couldn't believe I had done that!  What a way to spend my anniversary.  Doing something I never ever thought I could or would do with the man I love!  When he picked me up at the bottow he even had my chocolate milk ready for me! Usually I have a Starbuck's White Chocolate Mocha also when done running but I had it yesterday, so I passed.  I have 2 Bondibands(headbands) that I wear.  One says Will Run For Coffee and the other says Run Now Wine Later!  Since I knew I wasn't going to have coffee I wore the Wine one since I knew that my husband and I were going to dinner tonight for our anniversary and I was going to have wine!  And I did have wine, maybe a little to much!  I got the 1/2 liter instead of a glass which was an awesome deal but way to much wine, but it was a good Cabernet! 

Yummy Cabernet!
We went to a restaurant that I have never been to in Peoria IL called The Fish House.  It was so good.  We had salads, Crab Cakes-appetizers, I had the Tuscan Mahi Mahi with baked potato and he had the Broiled Platter which included Scallops, Shrimp, Salmon and Tilapia.  We tried each others and it was all good!  Can't wait to go back!  Next time since it won't be for our anniversary we will go for the early bird specials!  Tomorrow it will be back to watching portions/calories but for a special occasion I didn't mind splurging on the calories!  Tomorrow I am supposed to run 3 miles.  Not sure if it will be cross training or running but I will do one.  My schedule got thrown off so Sat was supposed to be my 6 miles and Sun was supposed to be cross training.  Had to flip flop them, so I will do what my body allows tomorrow, whatever I do I see a yoga class in my future in the morning!  Thanks for everything Aaron! Love you!

I might be having my first giveaway in the next few days so keep looking for it!

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