Monday, April 16, 2012

Building Steam Training and more

Just got back to our regular schedule as Spring Break is over for us.  The kids went back to school this morning and I went back to my first job(school bus driver).  While I was off work as a bus driver for a week I decided to try to get up in the mornings and do my running.  I was up and out of the house between 7am-9am 4 days last week.  Aaron went with me for 2 of them.  Tuesday I didn't go run in the morning because we ran our timed mile for Building Steam that evening to see which running/walking group we will be training with.  I ran a 16:17 mile so I am with the walking group.  I ran the entire mile without stopping and one of my clients that has inspired me, ran it with me.  Thanks Kathy!  She is one of the group leaders this year.  I was a little apprehensive running in front of people I know, but once I got on the track and started running I didn't even notice anyone else.  I enjoyed the run because I got to run with a friend and got a good time.  I am really happy with the amount of running I did over break and happy that I am doing Building Steam.  We have our first run/walk with our groups tomorrow night and I can't wait to see how that goes.  I hope my legs aren't too sore as I started weight training with a personal trainer at our local gym today.

I met with a trainer at Pearce Community Center today to start training for the Dirty Girl Mud Run, which is on 6/30/12.  One of the area's of exercise that I have been totally avoiding is weight training.  And my upper body strength is proof of the avoidance.  During the Dirty Girl Mud Run I will be doing obstacles and running.  There are approximately 11 obstacles and a 5K run.  Some of the obstacles require you to use your upper body strength and since I am lacking, I felt the need to work on it.  According to my trainer, upper body strength comes from more than just the upper body.  We worked on a machine that works several areas of your body and helps you also work on stabilization.  It is similar to a bowflex.  Some of the exercises included squats so I might be a little sore tomorrow.  I ran for 25 minutes tonight and my calves and thighs were screaming at me.  I also used kettle balls today for the first time.  I kind of liked them but I think that might be the biggest reason I will be sore tomorrow.  The other area of exercising I am not good at making the time for is stretching.  We worked on some leg stretches to help with my hamstring and legs.  I met with the trainer for about an hour and felt like I really got a lot of good info about weights/stretching that will help me with building my strength up.  I was very clear with him on what my expectations were and what I know I would not follow through with.  I believe just like any relationship communication is key!  I think that even if you just meet with a trainer once or if you can do it more, your exercise routine would benefit from it.  I will be meeting with him 3 more times and can't wait to really get a good handle on doing the weights.  I am tired tonight but feel really good about what I accomplished today.

I haven't written much about my weight loss because I haven't done much with the food side of my journey.  I have lost 23.6 lbs since September of last year.  I am very proud of that but know that I need to start really watching the food part of my weight loss.  I have improved my eating by avoiding fast food for breakfast everyday and taking my lunch to work instead of picking up fast food for that meal also.  Even though I hate to admit it, I easily ate 2-3 meals out a day 4-6 days a week.  Can you say expensive and a total lack of any nutrition?  (I told my husband with cutting out the fast food for breakfast I could easily purchase a new pair of running shoes each month,  I won't but I could.)  So I purchased a book about Nutrition for Beginning Runners and also ran across a book by the same author for Nutrition for Soccer.  No, I am not going to start playing soccer anytime soon but my 16 year old plays high school soccer. We discussed that we don't know what she should be eating to have the energy she needs to keep up with the sport.  She spends a lot of down time being tired and I think she could definitely benefit from better nutrition.  So when I ran across the soccer book I was super excited.  I can't wait to start reading both books to find out how to properly fuel our bodies for the activities we are involved in.  When I finish both books I will do a review and let you know what I think.  

Have you read any good nutrition books lately?  If so, which ones and did you like them?
What changes have you made in your eating habits for the good and the bad?

Happy Running!


  1. Believe it or not this is a true statement: Exercise is on half the battle, nutrition is the other and the more difficult half! Another good read is the Sport Nutrition Guidbook by Nancy Clark. It's what I picked up for Marathoning because I wasn't going to be that girl that gained weight while training for a full (and I haven't) it really helped with my pre run nutrtion, still working on post but I also haven't read the far in the book (its big).

    1. Hey Anna, both books I am reading is written by the same author! I just can't seem to quit reading Running Blogs to really get started on the books. Need to get started and then I will just have to get the book you are reading! Thanks!