Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter 2012

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter spent with family and friends.  I had a wonderful day!  I planned on getting up and being out of the house by 8:00am to run for 30 minutes.  Well, I made it out by 8:15 AM, I walked a 5 minute warmup, ran 30 minutes and did a 5 minute walking cool down.  It was a beautiful morning!

Easter Morning 8:15 AM!  My new short distance running route !

After my run I came home and ate breakfast, logged my running times, got ready and then went to church!  Went to church, had dinner with the in-laws, went for dessert at my parents and then went with my parent to take my Aunt home.  It was one of those nice uneventful calm relaxing holidays!  Really enjoyed the time with all of my family.  I even made it to my parents in time to say good bye to my brother, sister-in-law and my niece and nephews!  I think that starting my day off with a run helped relax me and get my day started off right!  The only thing missing was my wonderful hubby.  He had to work this weekend so we didn't get to see him and I missed him very much. 

Last blog I talked about the new running program I was going to start this last Tuesday.  Went to the first meeting, received a running log/plan and went for a short .6 mile jog to break the ice.  I really enjoyed meeting the people in charge.  I know I have spoke before about my times and how they aren't the fastest.  It doesn't usually bug me but when we started our jog it did.  I have been running for 6 months.  Most of the people starting this program haven't been running much at all lately, and they were zooming by me.  I felt alone and a little depressed thinking that I wouldn't have anyone to run with for the next 11 weeks.  One of the gentlemen that spoke at the meeting ran with me.  He has been running for about 18 years.  I mentioned my concern about being the last one and how I was uncomfortable about it.  Of course, uncomfortable is my usual feeling when I start something new, especially when it comes to exercising with or in front of new people.  He put it to me like this!  If you have 10 top of their game, elite runners running a race, one of them will come in last!  Someone has to do it so it might as well be me!  Basically I was being told that I am not the only one that has ever come in last and that there is no shame being last.  Giving up and quitting would be a shame.  I keep going back to the feeling that I don't measure up.  But I am the only one measuring!  We caught up to a few other leaders that were running with a lady that was in a wheelchair pushing herself that same distance I was going.  I had the pleasure to meet this lady, Sarah, at the packet pickup for the Heights Half Marathon.  After going a distance with them I thought, what do I have to whine about.  Here was Sarah smiling and talking and enjoying our time exercising and a few minutes before I was complaining.  Deep down I know what I am doing is the right thing for me and that I can do it.  Maybe not at my desired pace right now but if I give up I will never know what my best pace can be.  Not that I was thinking about giving up, but I had a pity party that was not necessary.  I am in a good place right now with my running and I happy I keep stepping out of my comfort zone.  It is a tough feeling when I do, but I am always glad after I have.  Enough Negative Nelly attitude, I am ready to tell you about the awesome parts of the new running program, Building Steam!

This coming Tuesday we will run a timed mile to see what running/walking group we will be running in.  In the meantime, they gave use a booklet with lots of great info on running, what the program is about and how to pick the best training plan for us.  There is three training plans; Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced.  Although I am capable of doing the time/distance for advanced I decided to go with the Intermediate.  My knees and hamstring have been bugging me some since I ran my 6 miles so I decided that just running the shorter times and building back up would be best for me.  I love the flexibility of the program, as I can switch plans when/if I chose to.  We will meet for 11 weeks total on Tuesdays in my hometown. They also have 3 other towns that host a weekly meeting, and then on Sundays and Mondays they have runs available for those that want to run with groups.  This means that they have 6 days available to us to run with a group.  We can go to any/all days!  No excuses for not having someone to run with!  I have ran 4 out of the 6 days since the program started, 3 on my own.  I have made it out to run in the mornings and I just love it.  Wednesday I made it out the door by 5:55am, Friday at 7:30 am and today at 8:15 am.  I am so not a morning person but the morning runs have made my day start out right!  With the temps getting warmer, I will probably run a lot more in the morning.  These pictures just can't match up to how gorgeous it was out during my runs!

Wednesday 5:55 AM
Friday 7:30 AM




  1. Mindy, I can TOTALLY relate to your feelings during that group run!! When I started the 10-Miler training program this past October, there were several weeks that I came in dead last. The first couple of weeks it didn't bother me, because I could at least SEE the rest of the group. However, one Saturday morning it hit me really hard that once again, just like middle school all those many years ago, I was last. I cried all the way home and was a total bear to my family. My husband finally said, "Look, you knew going into this that you might be slower than most of the other people. Big deal! You're still out there doing it, so cheer up!" After that, I started meeting other people who were within my general speed range, and finally met and started running regularly with my now "running buddy" Robin. Is it hard to be slow? Sure! But as one of my non-runner friends told me, I'm still faster than ALL OF THE COUCH POTATOES out there!

    The most important thing is that you are part of a training program--that will get you exactly where you want to be!

    Good luck!

  2. Thanks! I so know that I am doing a good job! But that middle school/high school feeling is a perfect explaination of how I felt! Thanks for giving me the words to describe it! Good luck with your journey! Glad you found a running partner! That is awesome to have someone at the same level/pace!

  3. Read your blog today. You're doing great no matter what speed you're going!