Sunday, April 1, 2012

I hit 100 miles for the year at my first official 5K!

I hit 100 miles of running for the year so far!  Today after I finished The Jelly Bean 2012 I am at 100.73 miles for 2012.  My goal is 300 miles in 2012!  Yeah!  Speaking of goals, I need to start setting some monthly goals for running, cross training and weight loss!  Hopefully I will have that posted soon.

What to cover in this post:
     =First official 5K race
     =Building Steam
     =Heights Half Marathon
     =Goal setting

=First Official 5K Race
On today, 4-1-12, I ran my first 5K race that I registered for!  And it is no April Fools Joke!  The fact that I registered for it made it official.  Fortunately, it was close to home.  I did The Jelly Bean Race.  It is a virtual race that a fellow blogger and Sole Sister hosted!  You can still register for it and complete it to get entered for an awesome assortment of prizes!  Check it out at here.  If you click on The Jelly Bean is back link you can check it out!  I did 2.95 miles(almost a 5K) in 49:33, (16:47 pace)!  Yeah me!  We ran on the Rock Island Trail, Peoria Illinois, from Connor & Co, to the tunnels and back!  That is 2.95 miles.  Glad we didn't have to go thru the tunnels.  A little spooky without a flashlight!  Yes I am a baby!  My good friend Laura Youngman came to the race and ran it with me.  She is in training for the Illinois Half Marathon at the end of this month!  Go Laura!  I wish I could go cheer her on but I think we will be out of town that weekend!  She runs a pace somewhere around 10-12 minute miles but wanted to run it with me!  I loved every minute of it!  Well, at some points I was wishing it was over but all in all it was a wonderful morning for a race.  About 60 degrees, sunny and with a little wind!  I think my legs woke up about 1/2 mile before the end of the race!  They say the first 3 miles of any race is the toughest.  So if I am only doing a 3 mile race it is all tough! LOL!  Jess, from RUNWITHJESS, passed out jellybeans at the end!  She had it well organized!  Will do it again next year if she has it and I am home!  I also was able to meet some new to me Sole Sisters, Ila and Mary!  Loved it!  I even went to Starbucks after for my coffee!  Something I try to only treat myself with after a run!
A group of us posing pre-race!
The whole gang!
Creative Start sign
Laura Youngman encouraging me to sprint to the finish!
Whew! It is over!
Baskets of eggs filled with Jelly Beans!
Not sure what we were more excited about!  Our filled eggs or that we finished the race!
I had the pleasure to met Ila Pruitt and Mary Stevens, fellow Sole Sisters! Really enjoyed meeting them!

=Building Steam
I am going to start a new running program on Tuesday.  It is called Building Steam.  Peoria Illinois is the hosting city of Steamboat Classic. The 39th running of the Steamboat Classic 4 Mile, 15 K and 4 K races will take place on Saturday, June 16, 2012 in downtown Peoria.  Regarded as the "World's Fastest Four Miles", "Illinois Toughest 15K" and “Peoria's Easiest 4K”, these running events are open and cater to runners and walkers of all ability levels. Building Steam is a eleven-week program to help runners, potential runners, and walkers prepare for the Steamboat Classic 4 Mile Race.(I borrowed the description from their website. )  Tuesday is the start of our 11 week program.  I am excited about trying something new.  I feel that I will need training programs for a while, at least until I am disciplined enough to follow through with my training on my own.  I am so glad we have these programs available.  In the past they met in Peoria, 20-25 min away, but this year they are also having satellite site trainings and Chillicothe is one of them.  Yeah me!  I will keep you posted on the program. 
=Heights Half Marathon
I had the privilege to get to volunteer at the Inaugural Heights Half Marathon on Friday/Saturday  I helped pass out packets on Friday and then I got to help set up the main area and man a water stop along the half marathon route.  I had to be at Running Central(local running store) at 4:30pm on Friday and then come back at 4:30am on Saturday.  Anyone that knows me well, knows that I am so not a morning(especially early morning) person.  Needless to say I got up at 3:15am and was at Running Central by 4:30.  We helped with some set up and then they dropped us off at our water stop by 5:30am.  It wasn't bad except that it was very chilly, had no porta potties and we didn't get out supplies for the water station until 7:30am.  The race started at 8am and we had our first runner at the 7 mile mark at 8:40am.  Yep, that's a approx a 5:40 pace! Oh my word, he was flying and didn't even look like he was breaking a sweat!  Once our first runner came we didn't even care about the 3 hours prior to that.  We had a great group of volunteers at our station.  One of the guys even went and got his mom the car so she could sit for a while and he showed back up with Starbucks!  Just what we needed!  One of the neighbors in our area even stopped by and told us where she lived and that if we needed to use her restroom to just stop on by.  So a few of us did!  The Heights is a great place to host the half!  We clapped, cheered, passed out water and we were just so happy at what a great job everyone did!  This half was a tough hilly one and the runners were just amazing.  Makes you think that maybe some day you could do it!  After our station was done, we went back to Running Central and they had the best after party ever.  Music, awesome food, beer and lots of sales.  They threw an amazing event especially being the first year.  Will definitely volunteer again!

=Goal setting
I am wanting to start setting monthly goals for running, cross training, weight loss and business/personal.  I am going to start setting goals after our first meeting for Building Steam.  Don't want to set goals and then find out I need to reset them.  I sat down with my girls this weekend and we set some goals for them in regards to sports, school and personal stuff.  Now I need to get in gear myself!  Hopefully I will post my month/year goals next week or sooner.

Wow! What a busy but very rewarding weekend.  I even fit in some grocery shopping, food making, quality time with the girls and also got some house work done!  Life is GOOD!  Hope everyone is getting their goals and races planned! 

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