Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fat Ass 5K here I come!

For Fat Ass 5K info click here.

My first official 5K race is this Saturday, May 12, 2012 at 10AM in Springfield IL.  I am going to be running in the Fat Ass 5K.  Race route includes beer, ice cream, donuts and corn dog stands.  Not sure if they will have water/gatorade stands or not, so I am bringing my own hand held small water bottle.  I will probably not be eating the fair food(lol) along the route to avoid upchucking half way through the race.  My 16 year old Sarah had a regional soccer game and the team lost, ;-( !  My 12 year old Shelby was supposed to have a softball game on Friday but it got cancelled ;-(!  It is sad for both of them, but I am kind of ok with it since they both get to go to my race with me now and cheer me on.  If Sarah's team would have won they would have had a game Friday night, so she wouldn't have been able to go with us.  We are leaving Friday night and staying at the President Abraham Lincoln Hotel and Conference Center near the race in Springfield IL. 

For hotel info click here.

Then my hubby, Aaron, will be at the finish line(if all plans work out well) to see me finish the race.  It is Mother's Day on Sunday and what better way to spend the weekend than with my awesome daughters and wonderful hubby. 

I will post info about the race as soon as I can.  It is almost 10:30pm and I have still not done my 30 minutes workout for the 30 Day Challenge sponsored by Sexy Mother Runner blog.  I received a text at work from Shelby(12 yr old) that her ear is still killing her.  Took her to the doctor last Thursday, finished Z-pac on Monday and still has pain.  She said her ear hurt really bad at school today and then it popped.  When I got off work at 7pm I took her to the quick care place in Walmart, and yep, she still has a bad ear infection and now it is perforated!  Of course, this is the first I have heard about her ear hurting all week.  So I have to finish packing to leave tomorrow after a long day of work and try to get my 30 minutes in!  Night all and it's still not too late for you to join the 30 day challenge.  Have a great weekend!

A couple of the Sole Sisters that I get to occasionally(very occasionally) are running the Fat Ass 5K also.  Hope you have a great race Renee and Melissa!  I hope everyone else racing this weekend leaves it all on the pavement! 


  1. I got my 30 min of yoga in by 11:15pm! Whew! I know that I don't have to do all 30 days but I want to prove to myself that I can make working out a habit and a priorty even on a long day!