Sunday, May 13, 2012


Me pre-race waiting for a few friends for pics!  Yes that is Shelby behind me making faces! 
Shelby and I pre-race!
Sarah and I pre-race!


What a wonderful Mother's Day Weekend!  My girls were able to go with me to my first official 5K-Fat Ass 5K on Sat May 12, 2012!  Sarah was supposed to have soccer but unfortunately they didn't make it past first round regionals.  Shelby was supposed to have a softball game and it was cancelled!  Although for them I wished that didn't happen but I was also a little excited that we were able to spend the time together!  We got to Springfield about 6pm Friday.  We checked into our hotel, President Abraham Lincoln Hotel, and walked across the street to the Hilton Hotel to pick up our race packet!

Shelby and I posing with our new shirts!
My race bib #516!

Shelby was  excited because I let her get a shirt from another years race!  Of course she loves the fact that it says Ass on it.  With the rules of where she can't wear it, I am not sure it will ever leave the house! LOL!  We got the map in the race packet and decided to walk the course one time thru.  It was a course that you ran two times to equal 3.1 miles.  So we walked 1.55 miles and then went for supper at Bennigan's.  
Race map with band and food locations

Sarah,  being the savvy food splitter, talked her sister into sharing two meals so they could try more than one thing.  They had the appetizer sampler that included quesadilla, spring rolls and chicken bites and they also split a chicken sandwich.  I had Tilapia, rice, broccoli and a side of mashed potatoes.  Needed to carb up for the big race!  Not sure I needed all of it but just thought I better make sure I had enough to fuel me through the race!

My Tilapia meal!

Then we went back to the hotel room to relax a little.  Shelby felt like she needed some more carbs to watch the race so we walked down to Cold Stone Creamery and she got an I Like It of Cotton Candy Ice Cream!  I figured I better avoid dairy so I had no potty issues during the race!  

When we got back to the hotel I set my things out for the race.  I didn't want to forget anything necessary!  
Race Gear
We went to bed at a decent time but I had a hard time sleeping!  I wasn't nervous, bed was a little hard for me, although we really liked our hotel.  It was 2 blocks from the start line.  Couldn't have asked for a better location.

I woke up before the alarm and got ready for the race.  The hotel didn't include a continental breakfast so I was glad I had a Luna Macadamia Nut Bar with me to eat before the race.  I also packed a pack of Jelly Belly Sport beans in my water bottle pouch to eat  1/2 hour before the race.  We went down stairs and meet up with some girls from the running group I belong to. 
Melissa, Me and Renee Pre-race

Bruce and Melissa Hofstetter
Renee and Joe Gibbens
We stood around for a while and then decided to head for the race start line while my girls went and ate breakfast at a little shop near by.  They were really enjoying the freedom and food aspect of the weekend!  

At this point I am going to have lots of random pictures here in the blog, so enjoy the scenery.  Runners definetly like to do it right when it comes to dressing up!  The first pic will be the start of the race!

Gentleman letting us know the race will start soon!  4300 runners!

Starting line!
My view from the 10 minute pace group!  Groups went from 10 minute pace to walkers!
Me at the start of the race!

Really! Flip Flops! I barely made it in running shoes!

Hip Chics!
Mustach girl

Elvis singing to the crowd
My view of the crowd up hill

The race started at 10am.  My husband was able to make it to the race as I made it back to the starting line/half way point!  He had already had a golf outting planned the day before in St Louis with some friends but he got up early and drove up to see my race.  The Fat Ass 5K is a race that has beer, ice cream, donuts and corndogs in place of water stops.  Although they still had water/gatorade stops along the way!  My daughter Shelby(12 yrs old) wanted me to bring her some ice cream back.  Not going to happen cause it would have melted on the way back but I did pick up a few corndogs for them!  As they cheered me on at the half point I was handing them off when Sarah snapped a good pic!  The night before when the girls and I took our walk a bank had painted a mural on the glass out front!  The same bank passed out mini water bottles for the runners!  

INB Bank in Springfield passed out water in route!
Shelby, yes these are for you!

The only thing I got for myself along the way was water and gatorade.  I thought about having a beer but was afraid I would get sick!  Good choice I believe.   When I got half way my hubby and the girls were there cheering me on.  I would love to say that made me kick it in gear but it didn't!  It did make my day having all three of them there for my first 5K.  

The last half of the race was a hot, sunny, 75 degree mess and I loved it!  I had to dodge the casual walkers that were walking 5 people wide, I had to dodge donuts that were flying through the air and I also had to dodge strollers and cars as they were not paying attention to where they were going.  But I would do it all again.  As I rounded what I thought was the last corner, my legs just seemed like they were saying it is time to stop.  But then I saw one of my fellow runners from home waiting to cross the finish line a second time just so I would have someone to cross with.  Renee started asking me if I had enough water, telling me to smile as I crossed the finish and to do a ta-da pose for the camera.  She also was telling me to check my hair.  As she was telling me that her husband Joe, friends Melissa, Bruce and Brandy were waiting just up a little way to also cross with me.  Melissa said, your hair looks fine, you have your bondiband on! LOL!  As soon as I saw them I knew I could do it.  It was hard and we still had to dodge some slow movers but when I looked at my GPS I thought it just might be possible to PR this race after all.  When I started this race I had no desire to push myself too hard to PR!  I just wanted to enjoy my first official 5K!  But when I thought it was possible I put it in gear and when I saw the time mats I thought I just might do this!  Then Renee said we have to turn up here and the finish is up around the corner!  My bubble burst a little when I realized it wasn't the mats ahead but when I got around the corner and I pushed myself to get across the finish mat and PR!  My PR so far for a 5K(last training of the FAST program in Feb) was a 50:50:22.  The clock time according to the website was 51:48 but my chip time was 50:50!  I didn't PR but I tied my last PR and I was okay with that.  The temps were about 25 degrees cooler in Feb and it was windy in Feb, plus I didn't have a crowd to try to get around in Feb.  I NAILED THE FAT ASS is what was on the back of our shirts we got and that is how I felt!  I nailed that race and loved the pain and the agony!  Never would have thought I would say that but I really enjoyed what I accomplished.  When I got to the end of the race and saw that my kids and husband were smiling and proud of me it made my day!  My daughter, Shelby, told me today that she was really proud of me and what I have done.  We decided to go for a walk today(Sunday, day after race) and she said that a year ago I wouldn't have been able to do what I was doing and she was happy for me.  I feel good that I am setting a good example for my kids and that they see I am making great efforts to improve our quality of life.  It was a great Mother's Day weekend spent with my kids, hubby and family!  After the race was over we went to the after party for a bite to eat and then showered and left for home!  I would love to say I had tons of energy the rest of the day but I came home and slept for a few hours and then we went to a movie.  I think the race, lack of sleep and training had caught up with me!  And it felt good!

Kicking it in gear!

Front: Joe and Melissa Hofstetter, Brandy Childers Back: Me, Joe and Renee Gibbens
Melissa and Joe post race!

Shelby, Me, Aaron and Sarah post race!

Post race party

More of post race party

More of post race party

Our hotel


  1. Congrats on your first 5k, I'm so proud of you, keep it up girl! Is Steamboat next on your list cuz it should be I know you could do it, you have the heart and that's all it takes to be a runner!

    1. Thanks Anna-Next up Chillicothe River Run, Steamboat and then Dirty Girl! Yeah! Hope your feet get better!