Monday, May 7, 2012

Product Review-BondiBand

Bondiband - I entered a 30 Day exercise challenge through the blog Sexy Mother Runner.  They had a prize for the first week of entries and I won a new Bondiband.  I already had 2 and now I have a 3rd. My new Bondiband is the I RUN band.  Bekah, pictured with me below, from gave it to me at a group run.  I wore it that night and let me just say it was full of sweat.  It did it's job.  It kept my hair back and soaked up the sweat.  It stays in place pretty good.  It does move sometimes but I notice that mostly when I am putting my sunglasses on and off the top of my head.  My favorite use for a Bondiband is to cover my ears when I run.  It is light weight, stay in place for those cold runs and keeps my ears warm.  Check out the website to see all of the colors and saying they have.  I really enjoy checking out the new sayings.  They wash up nice, keep their shape and I hang them up to line dry.  They dry quickly as they are made of moisture wicking material.  They carry headbands, hats and even sweat towels.  I really do love this product!


  1. You look great in that Bondi Band chika!!! ~Danyelle

    1. Thanks Danyelle! I appreciate the prize!