Monday, May 7, 2012

Product Review-Glitzbandz

Glitzbandz--I went to Runnermaybe blog a while back to check for updates and Jen was having a giveaway for GlitzBands.  So I entered the giveaway and won.  After I won, I was able to go to the website and pick the band I wanted. I chose the Sparkle Polka Dot Black 7/8" wide band.  I also chose the 20"(around) size for me.  They come in 19" or 20"(depending on head size).  Some patterns come in 7/8" or 1" wide.  I love the bands from a style point of view.  I think if I had long hair that I wore back in a ponytail I would like them from a workout point of view.  I wish they were a little more absorbent due to the fact that I sweat lots when I run! Yuck!  But no worries, my 12 year old daughter offered to take it over! LOL!  Which she looks super cute in them.  As I was looking for info off the website for the review she kept going on and on about all of the awesome designs to choose from.  At the time of this review they run $10 ea or 3/$25 plus tax.  Super cute and daughters love them.  I would order me some for style when my hair gets longer.  Although they did stay in place with my shorter hair during my run.  Check them out!

By the way, my daughter, pictured below, says they are like the best headbands ever cause they don't like ever slip back!  Her words exactly!

View of  Sparkle Polka Dot Black

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