Sunday, May 6, 2012


I struggle on a daily basis with actually saying I AM A RUNNER!  I texted a friend yesterday, Cresta, to see if she wanted to go to my favorite running trail(East Peoria River Trail) to get in 2 miles.  Her and her sisters are doing the Building Steam program I am doing.  She texted me back saying that her and her sister were going to run the Steamboat Classic Course with the other Building Steam runners and did I want to go?  My stomach turned and then I said yes!  I then posted on the Sole Sisters FB page that Eek! I am going to run the Steamboat Course in the morning.  One of the ladies I ran with this winter at F.A.S.T., Stephanie, said she would be there and I would do just fine.  I got up early and went to run the course.  At 7:30 AM it was already close to 75 degrees and muggy.  I hadn't hydrated enough the night before.  I hadn't properly ate the night before.  I hadn't this and hadn't that!  What I am getting at is that in my mind I set myself up to fail before I even start.  Stephanie came up to me before we started running and said I was looking for you, I'm glad you are here.  All I could do was tell her why I shouldn't be there and that I was super nervous.  She informed me that I had done much harder running this winter and I would do fine.  Needless to say, I finished my run and enjoyed it.  Yes it was hard, yes I was thirsty and yes I did it! 

Mile 3-Steamboat Classic Course-Practice
 When I got home I sent Stephanie a message on FB to thank her for the encouragement, even though I was really nervous and happy that I did it!  Then she told me she knew I could do it.  Then I proceeded to explain why I sabotage myself and her response was: Mindy... Just get over it and admit that you ARE a runner. It's just something you do!  My response was: Lol! Ok, I'm a runner! Wow that felt good!  I have accomplished so much since I started running last September(7 months ago).  Why do I keep telling others and myself I can't do it, even when I know I can if I put my mind to it?  Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but eventually I will be able to do what I set my mind to.  A lady I met a little while ago that I mentioned on my blog before was there today.  She walked the entire course(approx 4.2 miles) and finished and she just started a month or two ago.  She came and she conquered.  That is the furthest she has walked so far.  I am so proud of her.  It was hot, it was hard but she did it and so did I!  I am so glad I texted my friend to walk a short 2 miles.  I did so much more, Ran/walked with a new friend, stepped out of my box and did something new, accomplished something I thought I would fail at and just really enjoyed my run.  I told my girls last night that I was going for a run and I would miss church, they would have to go by themselves.  Fortunately I got back home in time to shower and go with them.  We spent a great day together and accomplished a lot.  I am thankful that I am able to show my girls that I am no longer that lazy, sedentary, watching life go by person anymore!

Recap of my goals and accomplishments this week:

Goal-Run 3x/week-Done-Ran total of 8.86 miles over 3 runs
Goal-Yoga 1x/week-Done-Recored yoga workout from tv and did 1/2 hour of it
Goal-Do 30 Day Challange sponsored by Sexy Mother Runner Blog- Done-did all 6 days of May so far!
Accomplishments-Worked out with personal trainer and rocked it! 1x
Accomplishments-Ran Steamboat Classic Course
Accomplishments-Invited a friend to run, instead of waiting for an invite!!!
Accomplishments-Made up a workout to fulfill my 30 minute workout when I was unable to run at gym or
                            outside!  10 minutes march in place, 10 minutes side stepping and 10 minutes squatting,
                            lunging and leg lifts!

Living room workout I made up!

At what point in our lives do we allow ourselves to just be able to say, I can do whatever I set my mind to and I am good at it?  It's not to late to do the 30 Day Challange!  Check out the link above!


  1. Well done you!
    You run therefore you ARE a runner. It doesn't matter how long each mile takes.
    I understand your thinking though as I am the same. I don't possibly see how I can call my attempt at running "running" lol.
    I love the idea of recapping on your weekly goals - I may have to pinch the idea for my new blog if that is ok?
    I'm your newest follower and look forward to popping in regularly and seeing how you are doing.

    Thank you for your motivational and inspiring post.


    1. Thanks Linda, I will check out your blog! Totally use whatever idea you want! I did the weekly recap to help keep me accountable! Can't wait to read your story!