Sunday, June 3, 2012

I'm back!!!

No, I did not fall off of the face of the earth! Since I last posted for the Fat Ass 5K, life has been hectic. I drive a school bus and i do mani/pedi's. Pedi's pick up about the first of may and I still drive the bus til almost the end of May, so lots of 14 hr work days between the 2 jobs. And I still had all of the kids activities. I am not making excuses but sometimes you have to prioritize. My priorities were family, work and exercise. Although I didn't get my blog updates done I did get the working out in. I had some goals for May. They are as follows:

Run 3x's/week-Did all 4 1/2 weeks
Complete 30 day challenge hosted by -Did 26 of 30 days! :-)
Yoga 1x/week-Did all 4 1/2 weeks
Monday night Sole Sister running 2x's/month-Did 3x's
Trail Run 2x's/month-Did 1x, will explain more later.

What have I been doing since May 12th?

Monday Night Sole Sisters(Women of Washington)
-I have really enjoyed running with a great group of ladies on Mondays in Washington IL.  We even meet Memorial day morning to beat the heat.  I don't know if I can get there as much this month but would like to try to make it a few times.

-I purchased the Just My Size Yoga(used copy) by Megan Garcia.  I really like it.  It is easy to do and it is only about 30 minutes.  It is easier for a person of a bigger size to get into the positions and it covers all area's of the body.  I would love to get a yoga video that helps with the hips and legs.  Does anyone know of one?
Just My Size Yoga
-I ran my 3x's per week.  I ran a 4 mile route for a local race that I am training for.  The training is called Building Steam and the race is called Steamboat Classic in Downtown Peoria IL.  I enjoy the training on Tuesday evenings in the town I live in and they also host runs on the actual course on Sundays.  I went 2 times with a friend and we brought another lady that I went to school with today.  

-I love reading blogs and learning some great tips.  One of my favorite blogs to read is  She did a blog on How to Run Faster.  The 3 key tips were:

     2-Lighten your load
     3-Interval training

I am trying to be consistent by getting at least 3 runs in per week.  I have shed 30 lbs since Sept 2011 and am trying to lose more but at a good slow pace.  I haven't been good about the interval training since I finished my FAST training in February.  One of the tips Jess mentioned was speed work on a track.  We have a high school track about 1/2 mile from our house so the hubby and I went for a walk/ran.  I told him, let's go to the track to do speed work.  I think he about fainted.  Not really, he has been super supportive of my running and my wanting to try different types of events and training.  So we walk/ran to the track and we decided to do one time around.  I know that doesn't seem like much but I had ran the day before and was also going to run with my Building Steam group that night and didn't want to over do it.  We did what I think was a 4x100m.  We ran the straight-away's(100m) as hard as we could and then walked the curve(100m) and then repeated for the other straight-away/curve.  I loved it and wanted to do more but knew that I needed to not push it.  I also learned that I need to do a lot more stretching before the speed work.  My goal is to slowly increase the number of times doing the 4x100 then start doing 2x200 and then increase the number of times I do those.  It made sense what she said in her blog.  What I took from the blog is, if you want to go faster, then you need to do something to go faster.  It isn't just going to happen by wanting it.   

Trail Run-
I just want to start by saying I had fun doing the trail run and wouldn't trade the experience for anything.  I posted on Facebook that I was going to go to Farmdale Reservoir in East Peoria IL on May 14 to do a trail run, if anyone wanted to join me the more the merrier.  About 7 of us showed up.  Now mind you, at this point I had never done a trail RUN and hardly ever hiked a trail.  Wasn't sure what to expect.  I learned a lot that day.  I learned that I am glad I tried something new and way out of the box.  I also learned that experiences like these help me know my limitations.  I am a big girl and a klutz.  Those two things and running on a skinny steep trail do not go well together.  My goal was 2 miles.  I got about 3/4 of a mile in and decided to turn around and go back.  I wasn't quitting but the other ladies had to keep waiting on me and I wanted them to be able to enjoy their run.  They in no way made me feel uncomfortable about being slower but I just knew I had tried it, enjoyed it but wanted to turn around.  I am glad I did.  Instead of running back I hiked back and really enjoyed my surroundings.  

Farmdale Reservoir Wooded Trail on the way back  

I told them I would meet them back on the bluff above the reservoir after they finished going out further.   They ended up doing about 3 miles that day and I did 1.41 miles in a little over 34 minutes.  I learned my limitation is trail hiking only, no running on the wooded trail.  I didn't hurt myself but know that if I push it too much I would and then wouldn't be able to keep running as I would like too.  Another one of the ladies in the group would rather hike vs running on the trails so we are going to meet a few times this month to do a hike.  We also invited others to come hike or run at their own pace and I can't wait.  I also think I am going to hike a trail or two with my hubby.

Some of the ladies coming back across the reservoir


Last but not least I did the Chillicothe River Run 5K on Sat, May 26, 2012.  My youngest daughter Shelby ran it with me.  She wasn't sure if she wanted to walk it with me while I ran or run it herself at her pace.  I left it up to her.  We started out slow but then she took off.  I am so excited for her that she choose to run her first 5K race at her pace.  She finished it at a little over 36 minutes.  She has been going through some growing pains in her knees but she didn't let it hold her back.  I did it in 49:03, yep a PR!  I took 1 min 47 sec off my last PR.  It is a nice flat 5K course.  When I got to the first 2 clocks and my time was looking good I was so excited.  I did great when I was running in the shade but as soon as I hit the sun I wanted to walk.  I didn't though, I just kept telling myself that the shade was just up the road and kept going.  I ran the entire race and didn't walk at all.When I had about 1/4 mile left my daughter and some friends ran back to me and finished the race with me.  It still brings tears to my eyes.  It really meant a lot to me having someone come back and finish with me.  I didn't finish alone.  I could have done it but it is nice to have someone with you.  My daughter Shelby and friends Cresta, Amy and Anna finished it with me.  I kicked it in gear and all of the sudden I said, "Sh*#, I kicked it in gear too soon!"  They just encouraged me the rest of the way.  I do have to say the last .1 of a 5K is the hardest but most rewarding part.  I did this same race last year with my oldest daughter Sarah but we did the 1 mile walk.  I did the 1 mile in over a 18 minutes last year and did the 5K in a 15:49 pace.  My only regret is that I didn't get a group picture with Cresta and Amy after the race.  I went to High school with Cresta and Amy over 20 years ago.  Cresta is doing building steam this year also.  I hadn't seen Amy since we graduated.  Who would have thought 20 years ago that we would run a race together now?  What a great feeling.
I wore the same shirt so I could get a picture with both of my girls at the same race wearing the same shirt.  I know it is kind of korny!  I also wanted to get a comparison of me then and now-30 lbs lighter!

Me and Anna Kinkade after she finished the race with me.  She is a fellow Sole Sister and also a local 105.7X radio DJ!
Today I signed up to do the Firecracker 5000 on 7-4-12.  It is a 5K in downtown Peoria on the 4th of July! I can't wait to try this race also!  I think I am kind of liking this running thing.

What is your next race?  Have you tried a trail run, and if so, what did you think?

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