Monday, June 11, 2012

Listening to your body!

I had lofty goals set for this month and hope to break it down weekly to keep on target! Did I meet my weekly goals? NO! :-( I came super close.

June 4-10 Weekly Goals
                                       Goal     Accomplish
Speed work-                1X        1X
Run-(6miles total)    3X's     3X's (4.99 miles total)
Yoga-                             1X        0X(not sure what happened)
Cross Train-                 2X's     4X's
Post Blog-                    1X        1X             
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Am I disappointed in not reaching my goals?  Nope!  They are goals not requirements.  And I had to listen to my body this week.  I started having some hip/hamstring pain more than normal and decided by Thursday that I need to give the running a break for a few days.  It gave me an opportunity to start back in on my cross training.  I really believe some of my pain is from too much running and not enough cross training.  Also not enough stretching.  I am disappointed that I didn't make time for my yoga because I could have easily done it!  I just for some reason didn't do it!  I will try to do it more this week!  Something I did do this week is I made a somewhat new friend!  The foam roller!  Although I didn't do my yoga, I did use the foam roller at my gym and I purchased one at Wal Mart for about $13-14 to use at home.  They had one that was more expensive around $25-30.  It was a 3 part roller that had a wand roller with it but I already had the wand roller so I purchased the cheaper one.  If it was me I would get the more expensive one if you don't already have the wand roller.  I like the wand roller for my hamstring area, I can feel it working better on that area than the foam roller.  The 3 pc roller also had a dvd to show you how to rollout the different muscles. 

My new friend!
So why is it my new best friend?  It can help loosen up areas that stretching just can't get!  I plan to use this on a regular basis, along with more stretching!

Another way I will have to listen to my body is through how it feels with the running as I have a 4 mile race coming up this weekend!  I have a training run on Tuesday and if the pain is still there I will probably not run the rest of the week, make a visit to my chiropractor and do more walking.  And I may just have to walk the 4 mile race instead of running it!  Will I be upset.  I hope not because there will be lots more races to do if I listen to my body now and avoid injuries!  I am also in search of a massage therapist that does myofacial release massaging to help some of my hip/hamstring issues.  I used to go to a PT that did that but she isn't in the area any longer so I am actively looking for one to go to on a regular(monthly) basis to keep my body in check!  I want to keep this exercise thing up for the long haul so I need to take care of myself!

In what ways have you had to listen to your body to keep up your running?

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