Sunday, June 17, 2012

Old injuries, current goals and new challanges!

Old Injury-

I am glad that I listened to my body. I definitely am having an issue with my hip/hamstring. I mentioned before that I went to a PT to help with Myofacial Release. The reason I went was because I had an IT Band issue and I think it is back! I went to her about 7 years ago. Amazing how an old injury can creep back and bit you in the...HIP! I went to my chiropractor and she said my hip was really out. I told her about my past issues and how the problems I am having are like I had before. I asked her to suggest a massage/PT therapist that could help and I go see him tomorrow. I explained my issues to him over the phone and he thought he might be able to help me! Let's hope! I am trying to catch it early so it is just an issue and not a full fledged injury! My chiropractor encouraged me to take it easy this last week and no running until at least Thursday. I decided to just walk all week and then if my leg felt good at the race then try to run there but not push it too hard. I was not a huge fan of just walking. I would rather run. But I walked a lot this week and my hip/hamstring felt great when I walked. I walked most of the race except the last 1/2 mile. My hip/hamstring felt great during the race while I walked and it never hurt when I ran but it felt tender, so I didn't run full throttle but I did push it a little(adrenaline from the race) and it felt fine when I was done.  I will post later about the race I had this last weekend!  Can't wait to go tomorrow and see how long he thinks it will take to feel better, cause I have my Dirty Girl Mud Run at the end of the month and I am not going to miss it!  It will just have to walk again and limit the obstacles if necessary but I will be going!

Current Goals-
June 11-17 Weekly Goals
                                Goal   Accomplish
Speed work-        1X      No speed work due to NO RUNNING, :-(
Run-                       3X's   Walked 3X's and Hiked 1X
(I'm replacing my running goal to walking until I can run!)
Yoga-                      1X     1X
Cross Train-         2X's  2X's
Post Blog-             1X    3X's           
Continue Reading Nancy Clark's Food Guide For New Runners-a few pages.

I walked 10.64 miles in 3 walks, .5 mile run at race and 1.64 miles trail hike-Total miles 12.78, YEAH!
The cross training I did was hiking, yoga, bike and tried the rowing machine at our gym.

I am happy with what I completed this week and hope to accomplish this weeks goals!

New Challenge-
Check out  Jess is hosting an awesome weight lose challenge.  One of her friends is doing a marathon this fall and wants to loss 26.2 pounds before the race.  So what does Jess do, but join her in the weight loss goal and is inviting us along for the ride.  It starts tomorrow(6/18/12) and registration closes by midnight 6/25/12, so go check out her blog post and get registered today.  She is also including a 13.1(half marathon) lb lose in the challenge.  I am shooting for the 26.2 cause I am going to run in a Marathon Relay in September and my leg of the race is only 3.3 so I thought that would be too small of a weight loss so I am going to aim high and try to lose a marathon!

If you are feeling stuck in your weight loss journey, give it a shot!  Did I mention there might be some prizes? 
So go to RUNWITHJESS and get registered!  Always check with your doctor before starting any weight loss program or exercise program!

I will try to keep you updated on my weight loss each week.  I already registered and won't weigh in again until next Monday!  My girls are at camp this week so I hope I am a good girl and stay out of the fridge!!!  I have lots of fruits and veggies in the house to hopefully fulfill those fits of hunger!

What is your favorite go to weight loss food?

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