Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Steamboat Classic 2012 4 mile race - 6/16/12

Fire Fighters that ran the race in their gear!  It was one hot day for a race!

Sole Sisters Pre-race
Sole Sisters Pre-race GOOFY
Building Steam started on 4/3/12 at Pearce Community Center in Chillicothe.  It ended on 6/12/12.  I did the 11 week training plan that the Illinois Valley Striders host for you to get ready to run Steamboat Classic.  I wasn't sure if I enjoyed the program at first.  We had only a few people in our walkers group and the Peoria Building Steam groups seemed to have more people and more fun according to Facebook posts.  But the last several weeks I felt like I connected with my leader, Coleen.  She used to run, a good runner, but due to an injury a while back she was unable to run.  She could walk, faster than I could, so she lead the walkers group.  I really enjoyed talking with her about her and her husbands past running events, eating healthy, her past career as a teacher and about myself(If you know me, you know I like to talk a lot and usually includes talking about my running/journey).  They never had kids but they would have both been awesome parents.  She taught school and also ran training groups for kids in the years past.  They called themselves the Martin's Milers.  She had a gleam in her eyes when she spoke about leading that.  You could tell she liked helping these kids accomplish their running goals.  Just like she liked helping us accomplish ours.  She offered to meet us at the beginning of the race and go with us.  I was glad she did.  No one else in our group meet up with us as all of them were faster than me or couldn't come.  I am really glad I did Building Steam in Chillicothe this year, because I learned a lot from Coleen.  Unfortunately I was unable to run the race.  I had to walk it due to my hamstring/hip issues.  I meet up with a few people at the beginning of the race to do the race together.  The Sole Sisters also meet up pre-race for a photo op!

Getting ready to start the race!

Samantha and I pre-race!

View of all the racers!
Our starting point!
My Dad waiting for the race to start!
Samantha, Cindy, Coleen and I meet up to do the race.  Samantha and Coleen were about the same speed and Cindy and I were about the same speed.  Samantha and Coleen were in front of us for most of the race, walking and talking.  Samantha said she really enjoyed getting to know Coleen and was grateful for the company.  Cindy and I walked most of the race.  Before the 3 mile mark we decided to run to catch up with Samantha and Coleen.  Then we also decided to run the last 800m of the race together.  Well, Cindy and I are paced similar for walking but she is a much faster runner.  I told her to go ahead and run her race and finish strong.  According to my Garmin I finished in 1:10:16 and according to Steamboat time it was 1:12:15.  Cindy finished sometime before me( I couldn't find her results) and Samantha and Coleen came in a few minutes behind us.  I ran the last 800m and it felt good.  It was a hot day and I am glad I did the race.  The race didn't have enough water stops but besides that it was a well ran race!

This is the first race my parent were able to go to of mine!  I had told them they didn't have to go and get out in the heat to go see me race.  After all, I was only going to walk!  But when I saw them before the race I was very happy they were there!  My Mom took all of these awesome pics!  My parents are even thinking about walking the race next year!  I hope so, we can do it together!

I walked most of the race but I am so very proud of myself for finishing the race!  When I finished the race it was almost 80 degrees and almost 70% humidity!  Hot, hot, steamy race!  Must be why they call it STEAMboat Days!

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