Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Update on Marathon Weight Loss Challenge

I have lost a Half-Marathon!
I am on my way to losing a Full Marathon!

My beginning weight on 9/25/11 was 343.6.

My weight at the beginning of the MWLC on 6/18/12 was
313.2(total weight loss 30.4 in approx 9 months)

Week        Current Weight            Week loss          Challenge loss
Week 1         310.8                          -2.4                    -2.4
Week 2         309.2                          -1.6                    -4.0
Week 3         304.2                          -5.0                    -9.0
Week 4         303.2                          -1.0                  -10.0 
Week 5         299.6                          -3.6                  -13.6 
Week 6         295.0                          -4.6                  -18.2 
(-48.6 Loss since 9/25/11)

So far it hasn't been too terribly hard to stick to my calorie allowance for the day.  If I am good all day I allow myself to have the rest of my calories with an adult snack.  I love popcorn and wine or popcorn and a margarita!  I know I won't be able to do this forever because my calorie allowance will decrease as my weight decreases.  But for right now I am allowing it!  By good during the day, I have to stay at 2/3 of my 1850 calories by eating a balanced diet.  Protein, carbs, fat in cluding fruits and veggies!

Although so far it has been easy I have been faced by some challenges!  Today at a work meeting they had a huge box of donuts.  I didn't have my usual 2+ donuts.  I skipped those and got a bottle of water.  How did I skip the donuts, I didn't have a bite.  If I don't taste even a small bite of it, I do better.  Once I have some, I want more and more and more!  My work friends apologized for eating it in front of me.  I said, please don't feel bad, I have to get used to being around food I shouldn't have.  I will have a challenging weekend.  I am going to a cookout/sleep over and I will be around lots of high calories foods that I should avoid.  I am going to take a veggie and fruit tray and eat that.  I will have some of the other but I will have to learn to eat in moderation!  I don't want to over do it and have a gain since I am so close to a 50 lb weight loss.  But if I gain, I will just remember that is one day in a lifetime.

How do you avoid temptations at cookouts?  Do you just eat anyway and worry about it later or do you have your phone handy and put everything you eat into your fitness pal?


  1. Great job! I am sucking at this challenge. Working on getting better.

    As for temptations - keep up your strategy - be good all day for an adult treat at the end.

    1. Thanks! You can do it! You have done so good with your overall weight loss and exercise journey! I hope I can do half of what you have done!

  2. GOOD JOB!! You are doing great on the challenge and weight loss. I'm participating too! SO far I'm down about 10 lbs I think. I have been going over my calories everyday but just by a bit (which is why the only small decreases in weight- still in the right direction every week though)! I am addicted to myfitnesspal and I always enter everything everywhere I go. For now I am focusing on calories then I will focus on better choices :)
    GOOD luck at the cookout and the rest of the challenge :)

    1. Thanks Sandra! 10 lbs is a great lose and slow ans steady is so much better than a gain! Great job!

  3. Way to go on your weight loss, lady!!! ~Danyelle

    1. Thanks Danyelle! I appreciate the encouragement! By the way, congrats on the 20 miles!

  4. You are doing GREAT in the challenge!! So proud of you.