Sunday, January 20, 2013

How I end 2012 and begin 2013 in running!

New Years Eve Day; Race #1-
My best cheerleader ever, my hubby Aaron!
My husband and I drove 45 miles to a town called Kewanee, Illinois for me to run 3.1 miles!  I ran in a race called "Run Your Ice Off"!  Hardcore 5K Race was a great race!  Some fellow Sole Sisters made the trip also and we met up to start the race together!  One of my clients, Kathy, told me about this race and we met up also!
Me, Lauren and Kim!
Kathy and I

3.1 mile race ran in 45:41(Chip Time).  Not my best finish but this race included hills!  Very proud of my finish!  Hubby was excited cause he waved me off, went into a bar near start for a beer and to watch football, set an alarm for 30 minutes and then came out to see my friends and I cross the finish line.  Win, Win for both of us!  My friend and Chiropractor, Denise, her husband Randy and Grandson also ran the race.  Just didn't get any pics with them! Bummer!  Her grandson waited for me and paced me in!
Me wearing my SWAG!!!                  

New Years Eve Night; Race #2-

Get Lit was next on the agenda.  My family, Parents, Siblings(and there families), my hubby and kids were all supposed to run/walk this 2 mile race!  My brother(Indiana) and his family and my sister(St. Louis area) and her family had to leave to go back home before the race.  My oldest Sarah had a friend get together so My parents, hubby and youngest daughter and I did the walk.  We didn't run it but had a great walk, a little breezy but great.  It started at 11:50pm at night on New Years Eve at the Festival of Lights, East Peoria Illinois.  It is a road in a park that houses huge Christmas light displays and more from Thanksgiving to after the New Year.  It snowed some in the afternoon so we weren't sure how the conditions of the road would be but it was wonderful.  They also had a pizza party at a local restaurant after the run but we decided to pass since it would be so late.  We had a good time and it was nice being active with my parents and family instead of sitting around doing nothing!
My mom and I waiting for run to start!

My wonderful family!

Our weather for the run!

New photographer needed! Shelby and Aaron on the course!

Yep, new photographer still needed!
Hard to tell, but this is Aaron and I

Oops, we missed part of the course, 1.66 miles out of 2 miles isn't bad! LOL!
 We finished the night by stopping at the gas station to get a hot chocolate to warm up!  Great night!

New Years Day; Race #3-

Resolution Run Peoria was the third race in 2 days that I wanted to run in.  But I know my limits!  So I volunteered instead of running.  Although while I was volunteering I decided I really wanted on of the hooded jackets that was the shirt for the race.  So I decided to pay for the race and get my shirt!  I was there from the beginning to the end so I felt like I deserved it!  My oldest daughter Sarah and her friends Aubrey Allison and Josey Allison also came to volunteer!  Had a great time with them and watching lots of my running friends conquer the snowy hills at Glen Oak Park and cross the finish line!  I really do enjoy volunteering at the races.  So makes me appreciate what they have to do to provide us with a quality races.
Sarah, Aubrey and Josey posing with RC Fastcat

Entrance to Glen Oak Zoo where race started!
Me, Sarah, Aubrey and Josey

Andrea and Sam crossing the finish line!

Working Registration!

Nicole crossing the finish line!
SWAG from running working the race!

New Years Day; After Race #3-

Yep, you guessed it!  I left the race and felt a little disappointed that I didn't run on New Years Day.  I got home and Facebooked friends to see if they wanted to run but couldn't get it done.  I didn't want to run alone!  I asked my youngest, Shelby if she want to go for an easy 2 mile run.  She said yes, if you buy me subway for supper!  Hmmm, I was thinking, not sure if it's open but it might be.  So we got dressed and went for a run!
Shelby and I ready for our New Years Day run!

We got started and Shelby realized quickly that she wishes she would have worn warmer pants.  
She was a trooper and ran with me anyway! 
Yep, it's cold!
We got almost back home and she says, "Hey, it's New Years Day, what if Subway isn't open?"  I said, "Ya, I thought about that!"  I told her if it wasn't open I would get it for her the next day.  She was super excited when we pulled in and they were open!  If I have to get her Subway to get her to run with me then I am ok with that, especially since I had to feed her anyway!  We had a great run/talk!
I decided that I wanted to run 2.13 miles to stand for 2013!  My GPS kept pausing so at one point I was running around in circles trying to get it to 2.13!  It was a great run and a great way to start the new year!

 I will continue to try posting on a regular basis!  
Trying to fit all the workouts in and post about them is a time challenge, 
but I am always up for a challenge!  
Hope all of you had a great beginning to your new year!

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