Monday, March 31, 2014

Did someone say 1/2 Marathon? Oh, wait, I did!!

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I am paid and registered for my Crossfit Competition!  It is called Festivus!  If you want to register and join me, click here to pay and commit!  If I can try it, anyone can.

A competition for BEGINNER  &  INTERMEDIATE  athletes  ONLY!
1000m row FOR TIME. There is a 6 minute cap
Once the running clock hits 6 minutes:
Athlete must establish a 1RM CLEAN in 6 min
***This will be scored as 2 separate WODs. The athlete may rest as needed after finishing row before the 6 min mark. If the athlete does not finish the row in the 6 min they will be penalized :01 for every METER under 1k
10 KB swing 53/35 - Intermediate 35/26 - Novice
20 sit ups
30 Box overs 24/20
8 min AMRAP
***Score is reps
2 minutes max reps:
Wallball 20/14 - Intermediate 14/10 - Novice
Rest 1 minute
2 minutes max reps:
Double under - Intermediate Single unders - Novice
Rest 1 minute
2 minutes max reps:
***Score is total combined reps of all 3 movements

Ok, I am insane.  I have also booked rooms for the Memphis St Jude 1/2 Marathon on December 6, 2014.
Here is the link for the Memphis St Jude runs for 12-6-14.

I am patiently(actually very impatiently) waiting for race registration to open.  They had to cancel last years race due to weather, so all that were registered last year get first shot at registering for this year.  Let the registration begin!!!!

I am starting the 8 week Couch to 5K program with a friend that wants to start running.  Then I go into a 10K training, then a 16 week 1/2 training plan.  I am going to read "Run Less, Run Faster" and follow the 16 week training plan for a 1/2 Marathon.  

Today at Pearce Strong/Crossfit I jump roped for 2 minutes.  I haven't jump roped much since 8th grade gym class.  For the competition I have to jump for 2 minutes so I need to get my practice in!!!

Why am I choosing to step way far out of my box/comfort zone!  I have stayed the same weight and maintained the same min/mile pace with my running for over a year!  I need to step it up!  

What are you doing to step up your workout?  How do you overcome a plateau?

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