Friday, March 7, 2014

How the time has flown!!!

I apologize(again) for not posting for sooooo long! I finally got a laptop and hope to keep up with this much better!

I have done so many things since I last posted that I can't name them all.  A few things though are: ran a 10K, participated in a mini Tri, participated in a Sprint Tri, started crossfit and pretty much I have stayed the same weight for the last year.  I have gained and lost the same 10 lbs over this last year and have finally decided that my 80 lb lose just isn't acceptable anymore.  I started eating Paleo and I like it!  I have a few cheat meals a week and it helps keep me from over indulging in the carbs and candy!

We bought a treadmill, mainly for my hubby to use and for me when the temps are too cold to go outdoors.  It has been a cold winter so most of my miles this winter have been treadmill miles!  I also just got a new bike.  I got the Trek 7.2 FX Fitness Bike.  I'm not ready for a road bike, yet!  Mom and dad got me a gift certificate for my birthday and the rest of the purchase was my anniversary gift from my hubby!

I have named her Black Betty!
                                                                        Black Betty
                                                                 Check out this video!

I can't wait for the temps to be bike appropriate and for the potholes to get filled to take it out for a spin!
                                                          Thanks Aaron, Mom and Dad!

Aaron and I went out for our 19th Anniversary tonight.  We went to Mango, Fondue Restaurant.  Not my favorite.  Pricey and left a little hungry.  It was a treat meal and I am glad to report that I didn't eat the things I didn't like.  In the past I would have eaten everything even if I didn't like it,  But we did have fun and enjoyed a new experience.

19 years and counting!  Our version of dressed up for a night out!
As of right now I don't have any races planned.  Like I said earlier, I started Pearce Strong, my gym's version of Crossfit.  It is the hardest thing I have ever done!  I just started month 2.  The first month I did the strength part.  When I finished my last workout of month one, Gavin my trainer said, "You start Cardio Club Monday!"  I said, "F#&$"! The others people in the group fondly call Cardio Club, Chub Club.  I am glad I started because this is where I should be able to start losing inches/weight!  I hate to say it but I actually started crying during crossfit this morning.  It is such a mental challenge.  But with Gavin's encouragement I power thru and finished the workout!  I also really enjoy the other people in our group.  So encouraging!  I had set my goals this year as, run a 5K in 40:00, run a 10K, run a half marathon by the end of 2014 and more weight training,  The running portions of my goals are on hold until I get a little more into the crossfit and see how it all meshes.  I also want to get some biking in.  Not interested in a tri for a long time due to not much of a swim enthusiast.

Hope to keep up on this blog much better than before!  Have a great day!!!

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