Friday, March 14, 2014

New Chapters

New Chapter #1-New food recipes

I believe I mentioned earlier that I started eating Paleo Style!  I decided that I need sauces.  Ketchup, BBQ sauce, Mayo, etc.  But the stuff at the store is either not Paleo compliant, too expensive or tastes like poop! 
So I decided to make my own.
Homemade Ketchup
I got my recipe off of pinterest.  Click here for recipe link!
I really like this recipe.  It was super easy to make and very tasty.  It has a strong tomato taste but super good on meatloaf.  Did I just mention meatloaf? Why, yes I did.  My hubby wanted meatloaf for supper to go along with my newly made ketchup. 
So we made our own Paleo Meatloaf!
Paleo Meatloaf

Again, I got my recipe off of pinterest. Click here for recipe link!

We really liked the meatloaf.  did 1 1/2 of the recipe and made 3 meatloaves all together.  Ate one for supper.  I ate on the 2nd one for lunches for the week and froze the 3rd for another day!  We did omit the cheese.  Will definitely make both of these recipes again.
New Chapter #2- Crossfit, really what was I thinking?
I went to Pearce Strong(my gym's version of Crossfit).  We had a different kind of workout.  After we were done, our trainer encouraged us to sign up for Festivus a Crossfit Competition.  I am such a newbie at this Crossfit thing but I decided to JUST DO IT!  Eeeek, I got that sick to my stomach feeling I got when I tried new races so I new I just need to do it!  So I am signed up!!!!!
Yep, That's me, Mindy D!

Let the training begin!


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