Thursday, April 3, 2014

Keeping it real......

There are times when I feel like I can do anything I set my mind to!  And then there are days like Wednesday!  I went to Crossfit on Wednesday kind of under the weather.  I didn't feel good when I started and hoped there wouldn't be much cardio.  Then I got there and wished that it was all cardio.  I found out on Wednesday the Power Cleans are my kryptonite!!!!  We did 15 Deadlifts at 65#! 15 Shrugs at 65#!  15 Thrusters(I think that's what they are called) at 65#! 15 Power Cleans at 65#!  I did all ok until the Power Cleans, they were tough!  And then we had to do 1 Rep Max Weight Power Cleans.  I did 75# ok but then tried 85# and it totally killed me.  I have such a hard time getting my body to do what my mind is telling it to do!

Yep! That's me trying to get the bar above my hips! FAIL!!!!!

Crossfit is not running!  Running is not Crossfit!  But I love and hate both of them.  I couldn't get above 75#!  Why do I think all of this should come easy?  I have never done this stuff before but for some reason I think I should be able to master all of it!  I had a heart to heart with my husband Aaron and he says just do what you can and it will get easier!  He is right!  He also used the line "Practice makes perfect!"  I know all of this!  So why do I still beat myself up?  I weighed myself on 4-1-14, two months into Crossfit!  I haven't lost anything and my clothes are getting tighter!  I have also been following Paleo with a few treats a week for the last 2.5 months.  So my real question is: Why do I keep doing Crossfit and Paleo if my results are less than desired!  When I ran today I hit a 10:39 pace in one of my 60 second sprints during my running today, and it felt awesome!  I know I am getting stronger and healthier!  My trainer told me I would either gain or not lose any weight for at least 2.5 months and that my clothes would get tighter!  He was right so far so I will keep moving forward knowing that I am making healthy changes in my life.  The scale and the fit of my clothes shouldn't be the only measurement for my pass or failure of what I am doing!  

I have started doing a Couch to 5K program again.  I didn't want to get up and do my run this morning.  Thunder hit at about 3AM so I told myself that at 8AM it would still be not great weather to run in, but I got up at 9AM and ran anyway!  And it was FLIPPIN AWESOME!  I only did 2 miles but it was 2 amazing feel good miles!  Never regret doing a workout!!!!!  Only regret skipping one!  Glad I went!

I am going to register for the St Jude Memphis Half Marathon in December!  If I register for race only with no fundraising I have to wait til first part of June.  If I register to raise at least $500 I can register the first part of May!  If I wait til the first part of June I might not be able to register as there is a limit of entrants.  So I am trying to decide if I want to fundraise just to register early!  I am leaning towards yes because St Jude is such a worthwhile cause and I would be pretty much guaranteed a spot in the race!  Yep, I am pretty sure fundraising will begin soon!  So Keeping it real telling you that I am going to start fundraising soon.  Any ideas on a good fundraiser to get a head start!!!!  If I do the fundraising I would be considered a St Jude "Hero".  If raising a little money helps just one kid, it would be so worth it!!!!!

Keeping it real.......

...I hope someday I will learn to expect what I am supposed to expect from myself!

Better go to bed, Crossfit starts to early tomorrow!!!!

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