Saturday, January 10, 2015

A lot has happened since my last post......

I no longer do Crossfit.  Although Crossfit is an awesome workout, I gained 10 pounds.  And before you say it, no it wasn't muscle gain!  For some reason I gave myself permission to eat whatever I wanted.  Then I started training for my half marathon.  I didn't run the St Jude 1/2 in Memphis.  A few days before I was to register, my sister asked me to run a half with her.  She wanted to run one in October, not December.  So we found The Dirty South 1/2 Marathon in West Monroe, Louisiana.  Which happens to be 30 minutes from my daughters college, Louisiana Tech in Ruston Louisiana!  I gained 20+ pounds training for my 1/2!  Which means I gained more than 30 pounds during Crossfit and 1/2 training.  That can really screw with your mind!!!!  Since my half I have hardly done anything to further my fitness and weight lose.  I ran my half in mid-October. I a 10k, 21 Day Fix workout and food plan(for 18 days), and a few random workouts here and there.  My oldest daughter Sarah asked me to go get a tattoo with her, which is really not in her normal character.  But I felt honored that she wanted to get one with me!  She got a bible verse tattooed on the inside of her pinkie.  Unfortunately, although forewarned by the tattoo artist, it has completely faded.  Hopefully she will get it in another spot that will hold a tattoo.  She was hoping I would get my tattoo to symbolize my hard work for my 1/2!  I kept looking for one to put on my foot.  I just couldn't find one I wanted.  My youngest daughter Shelby said to me, "You already have 2 tattoo's you aren't happy with, why would you get another you aren't sure about?"  What a wise 14 year old(now 15).  I had kept coming across tree tattoo's that I loved(too big for my foot).  Although I like them for others, I didn't want to get a running shoe and wing or the number 13.1 put on my foot.  I came across a tree I loved.

I had a tattoo I got when I was about 18 years old.  I went to get a tattoo and didn't know what I wanted.  So there was a Motley Crew/Theater of Pain CD on the table, so I said, I'll take those masks.  Yep, so not a good idea!
So I decided to get a tree similar to the one above to cover up the masks above.  It took me about 3 hours and 40 minutes to run/walk my half.  It took me 3 hours and 30 minutes to get my tattoo.  If I had to pick one to do again, it would be the tattoo. 
13 leaves falling on one side, a heart in the middle and 1 leaf falling on the other side, representing the 13.1 miles I did!

I have decided that I need to get off my ASS, and get going on my health and fitness. 
I have signed up for an 8 week winter challenge that my friend Jess at is hosting.
I will pick my mileage to do.  Most weeks I will pick 10 miles.  I will either walk, run, bike or seated elliptical my 10miles. 
It starts this coming Monday, 1/12/15. 
One of my workout partners will be our newest family member.  We adopted Sarah Pug in June.  Yes the dogs name is Sarah(same as my daughter).  She is 7 years old and was named Sarah before we adopted her.  And yes our daughter Sarah picked her out before she left for college.  Although I wasn't sure about getting her, especially with Sarah(daughter) going 12 hours away to college.  Sarah Pug so happens to be the love of our lives!  She was 29 lbs when she went into foster care.  She now weighs 20 lbs.  She has as much need as I do to work out.  When weather allows(not the -30 windchill we have been dealing with lately) Sarah Pug and I will go for walks!  She loves her walks!

I have also signed up for a 5K in 3 weeks.  I am going to do a 3 week Couch to 5K program to get ready.  The goal is to finish and have fun at the 5K with my good friend Diane and my hubby Aaron will be waiting at the after party!  .  It is called the Super Bowl Shuffler.  This will be the 3rd year for the race and my 3rd year to do it!  It is a great race and an awesome after party!



I am also trying to find some fun exercises to keep me motivated!  I also have a laptop now and hope to keep up with my blog!
Have a great day!

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