Monday, January 12, 2015

Day 1 Winter Mile Challenge is "running" a Winter Miles Challenge that I have decided to join.  Today is the 1st day of the challenge.  I would love to say it went good.  Actually, it went great.  I also started training today for a 5K that I have coming up in 3 weeks.  Today was supposed to be a rest day.  But it was also the beginning of the Winter Miles Challenge and I couldn't let it start without doing my first mile today. 
It took me 18 minutes to go a mile!  Way slow but faster than I have been doing!  I am ok with my time because I would have sat in my chair if I hadn't decided to start the challenge today!  Thanks Jess for hosting this challenge again!

 And then tomorrow I was supposed to run(did it today), so I am going to go to my first indoor training ride with the Peoria Bicycle Club!  Wish me luck.  Something new!
I am also trying to eat healthier.  During December I did the 21 Day Fix!  And I am somewhat trying to follow that food program this month.  Tonights dinner was 21 Day Fix Approved Baked Ziti that I got from
I made a double batch and froze half of it.  Today I had the frozen batch.  I baked it tonight and it was great.  The recipe calls for Tablespoons of seasonings.  I used half Tablespoons and it was spicy.  I think it should be teaspoons not tablespoons.  Maybe it's a matter of taste.  I still like it and will be eating on it all week.  I love it when I can make one meal last for several meals. 
I did really good today on the food until 10:30, then the wine, cheese and cracker got ahold of me, LOL!  Still a better food day today then yesterday!  It's all a work in progress!!!
I really enjoy having a laptop.  Makes blogging sooooooo much easier!!!!
Have a great week.

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