Monday, January 19, 2015

Ugh, Flu and Stomach Bugs are no fun!

I am starting my second week of the 2015 Winter Miles Challenge.  Last week my goal was 10 miles of walk/run/bike!  I had 1mile walk, 3 miles walk/run and 22 miles of bike at the Peoria Bicycle Club.  I did 26 miles.  I set my goal at 10 miles again this week.  I won't be able to ride this week as I will be out of town Thursday-Sunday.  All of my miles will most likely be walking or running.  I did 2.1 miles today with a walk with Sarah Pug!  Only 7.9 miles to go.  My training plan has been altered based on my life.  I am getting the workouts in but not on the days scheduled!
I tried out the Peoria Bicycle Club's indoor trainer ride.  I did it Tuesday and then went again Saturday.  I did what they call a test ride on Saturday.  26 minutes of warm-up, which if you ask me it was a full workout.  Then I had to do 20 minutes, all out, balls to the wall ride.  Then I tested out at a 132 level.  That establishes what level I will continue to ride at.  And since I joined the club and paid for indoor training I will be continuing!  Oh and then I bit the BIG BULLET!  I bought clip less pedals, cleats and new clip less riding shoes!
Can't wait for my shoes to come in so I can get my pedals put on my bike.  The new pedals/shoes should make my rides more effective and efficient.  And with the rest of the indoor training season I can get used to getting in and out of the pedals. 
My bike set up at Indoor Training
My new Clip Less Pedals
My daughter Shelby got sick Thursday night/Friday morning.  Since I was the clean up crew, it hit me all day yesterday and this morning.  I had the Upper Respiratory Flu starting on Christmas Eve, then it turned into and Upper Respiratory Infection, Double Ear Infection and a Sinus Infection.  Then I got the stomach bug.  I am reading for all of this crud to be over.  Spring can't come soon enough.  I'm going to work hard to get my miles in this week.  I have to be ready for my race on 2-1-15.  

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